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tv   Today  NBC  May 7, 2011 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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good morning. job well done. president obama meets with the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s that took down bin laden. that's the surprising new details of the terror mastermind's life in hiding are revealed. mississippi rising -- evacuation orders and emergency steps are under way as flood waters threaten memphis in what could be the second. incredible story of survival. but where is the husband she disappeared with. today's saturday, may 7, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach. they were the americans behind the deadly mission to take down osama bin laden. >> we don't know their name. the navy s.e.a.l.s received a hero's welcome on friday from president obama to thank them for the operation. >> this morning, we're learning more about the al qaeda leader's life inside his pakistan compound. officials believe he was far from retirement and playing an active role in the group's operations. anne curry is in pakistan and will join us live in a moment with all of the latest details. back home, good news on the jobs front to report. april saw a boost to the payrolls, 250,000 new hires added to the workforce, obviously encouraging news for the economy. but does it mean we turned the corner we've been looking for.
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what about gas prices. we get relief from the pump, we'll get to that coming up. >> plus sir paul mccartney is hearing wedding bells again. the legend is tying the knot again. could the third time be the charm? that's what they say. the latest on the engagement and the happy couple's wedding plans. >> one, two, or three -- >> plus the road to glory from the hats to the horses to the female jockey hoping to make history. counting down the hours until the kentucky derby. this year, it's anybody's race to win. coming up, live to the churchill downs where the 137th run for the roses happens today. have you been. >> got to go two years ago. i got to cover it. i didn't have a horse named mucho macho man. >> don't you love the names. >> that's the one you want to win? >> yes, exactly. >> we'll get to that later.
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osama bin laden and the details from inside his compound as they come and say thank you to the navy s.e.a.l.s and the other operatives who were part of the operation. ann curry joins us live from islamabad with the other part of the story. ann, good morning. >> good morning to you. multiple pakistani intelligence forces are reportedly saying one of osama bin laden's wives now in custody is saying they're living closer to islamabad for two years before moving to the compound in abbottabad. that means bin laden was living for a total of seven years in pakistan's urban areas right under the noses of the intelligence services. that could only fuel tensions between the united states and pakistan. >> reporter: coordinated protests denouncing the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden struck multiple cities in pakistan on friday. as al qaeda reacted for the first time, threatening americans on the official media
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website. quote, soon, with god's help, we shall flip their celebrations into sorrow and their blood shall mix with their tears. >> in al qaeda's language, soon could be anything from the next three days to the next three years. it's very difficult to know. and it's important to emphasize that al qaeda uses language whether or not they actually have an attack in store. >> reporter: these images are the newest from inside bin laden's compound where u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news bin laden was far from retired and was, in fact, still al qaeda's operational leader. u.s. intelligence tells nbc news quote, a lot of video as well as details of plots around the world and associates were found. local intelligence officials in abbottabad said the compound is cleansed, washed of all evidence, and sealed. reports that pakistani's security has as many as three of bin laden's wives in custody and under interrogation. the cia asked pakistani
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officials for access of the wife, especially to the last and faithful life. she was known to be devoted to bin laden and was in the room when her husband died. and amal told interrogators that bin laden and his family had been living in the abbottabad compound for the last five years. u.s. officials have demanded pakistan identify some of the top intelligence operatives to see if they had contact with bin laden in recent years this as officials in the united states have publicly questioned whether anyone here knew where osama bin laden was hiding and helped shield him, lester. >> what more do we know about this american helicopter apparently modified with stealth capabilities that came down in the compound? >> that's right. we can confirm -- nbc news can confirm that u.s. officials, the military, asked pakistan to return what's left of that
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helicopter. as you know, it was blown up by the special-ones team on the ground. they blew it up. still pieces remain. we've been reporting all week that children have been founding large pieces. we saw a piece the size of a football. now the u.s. military wants it back. but when we checked with the chief army spokesperson for the army, for pakistan, he says he knows nothing about this. lester? >> and, ann, the u.s. and pakistan military seem to be leaking contradictory accounts of what happened in the compound. are we seeing a pr war here going on right now? >> absolutely. you hit the nail on the head. in pakistan, the intelligence sources are trying to describe osama bin laden as a man who was sort of not involved at all in the daily operations of al qaeda, who was sort of cash strapped, who was shot unarmed. and in the meantime, u.s. intelligence is painting a picture of a man who was very much in control of al qaeda, who actually was every day waking up thinking about another way to
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attack america and who in fact had a rifle nearby when he was attacked. very, very different kinds of descriptions about osama bin laden and a lot is at stake at who wins the pr war, lester. >> ann curry in pakistan. thank you for your reporting, ann, thanks. now here's amy. on friday, president obama saluted the navy s.e.a.l.s who risked it all. athena jones is at the white house with more on that part of the story. good morning. good morning, amy. it's been a momentous week here in the white house. agents tell me it was important to end the week by personally thanking not just the team that carried out the mission of osama bin laden but the men and women in the armed forces in general for the armed service. >> hello, ft. campbell! >> reporter: capping off an historic week. >> on behalf of a grateful nation, welcome home. >> reporter: president obama
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travelled to ft. campbell, kentucky to meet behind closed doors with the team that stormed osama bin laden's compound, including the s.e.a.l. who shot bin laden. >> it was a chance for me to say on behalf of all americans and people around the world, job well done. >> reporter: mr. obama awarded the assault force a presidential unit citation. among the military's highest honors. after a series of solemn events, friday's tone was more june lent. in the army, the 101st airborne, a division that's seen plenty of action in afghanistan, the president warned the war against al qaeda and other extremists is not over. >> the bottom line is this. our strategy is working and there's no greater evidence of that than justice finally being delivered to osama bin laden. i don't want to fool you. this continues to be a very tough fight. you know that. >> reporter: with the world's
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most wanted terrorist dead, this soldier, just back from afghanistan, feels a sense of accomplishment. >> satisfaction. for some of our soldiers that didn't make it back felt like they -- they did something for them. and we've got the job done for those guys. >> back to you, lester. athena jones, thank you very much. from the news of bin laden's death to the visit of the president to ground zero, it's been an extraordinary week in the war against terror. we're joined by political analysts from msnbc and "time" magazine. mark halperin, good morning to you. >> good morning, lester. >> i want to get a sense of the tone. he met with the troops at ft. campbell yesterday. did he walk the line carefully enough of acknowledging the significant moment without gloating. >> i think he did. this is a big part of being president. you have to be the head of state and government at the same time. i thought the president understood that people were looking to him to explain what had happened and to put it in
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context, not just about bin laden but as he did yesterday the war in afghanistan. i thought there were little things to quibble about. inviting rudy jewel inny and the governor of new jersey with him to ground zero. he carefully thought through how to frame this for the world and the country, he did a great job. >> the narrative of what happened in that compound was revised. does the administration lose points for that. or is that the fog of war and that's simply it? >> i think they did a good faith job to get facts out as quickly as possible. i wish they hasn't made mistakes. it would have been more sensible. this is what we're sure of now and here's other details we'll get them as quickly as possible. the mistakes are harmful because they open the possibility of some people around the world that maybe the operation wasn't as it appeared. and it did raise the question on the key change of whether bin laden was armed about the question about whether they could have taken him rather than
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killed him. i don't think most americans care about the niceties of this. it's always better, especially in times of war, in times of violence and the military for the government to be honest. they tried but they did make some mistakings. >> we started hearing it sunday night and continuing throughout the week from the public and also members of congress, it's time to get out of afghanistan now. we can claim victory. is that chorus growing? and how will the white house manage expectations of the war going forward? >> it's not growing to the degree that it's putting pressure on the president. he was clear yesterday, he used the "p" word. he said we're making progress in afghanistan. the progress, whatever it is, isn't enough. this is not a war worth fighting and clearly decisions being made. i think the key, lester, is whether any of the republicans who are thinking about running for president makes this an issue. i don't think there will be a ground swell among members of congress of either party to
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force the president out faster than he wants to go. if any republicans run and get traction of the wider republic, come home, america, this war is not worth it, it's not winnable. then the calculation changes dramatically. >> good to talk to you. thanks. >> thanks, lester. now here's amy. thank you, now the economy and the encouraging news about jobs. 244,000 jobs were add in the month of april. at the same time, the unemployment rate ticked up to 9% again. here to make sense of the numbers is nbc's brian schactman. good morning, brian. those numbers don't jive for a lot of people. it's confusing to have a great gain and unemployment go up. can you make sense of that for us. >> the headline for people at home and the people at home focus on the 9% more than the 268,000 private sector jobs. but the big factor is more people who had given up were giving it another go.
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135,000 fit that description. that's the main reason we went back up to 9%. >> they're include in the unemployed. >> in the house hold survey. since the fall, we shaved off the whole percentage point. from 9.8 to 8.8. it did tick up a little bit. people say it's not a bad thing. the truth is, it's still 9%. politically, it's a bit of an issue too heading to 2012 elections. >> there's more good news in those numbers because of the wide spread nature of the jobs across all business sectors. people were hiring 57,000 jobs among retailers. is that a really strong sign of growing confidence? >> in most respects, it is. we had a different -- easter fell a little later. that's the fact -- the truth is people don't hire unless they need to, right? you don't hire people unless there's business for it. in the retail sector, people say people are starting to spend more. the expectation is they are going to. that's a large, large number. >> we talk in recent months the number of people who had been
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out of work for more than six months. that number has changed as well. >> it's gone down. the truth is, the longer you don't have a job, the harder it is to get one. that's an encouraging sign. you want to see several months of that and a long trend of it. the truth is there are too many people out of work six months and beyond. those are the stages that you see it where you want it to be. >> we can't talk about the economy without talking about the gas prices. i saw them well over $4 this week. everyone is feeling the pain at the pump. but some are saying now that that number may have leveled off. it may have peaked. good news for the summer, if it's true. >> went down .001 yesterday, i swear it did. we lost $10 on that alone. not going to go to the pump, see it go down. it takes a couple of weeks. it's a positive factor. we're under $100 in oil. we're still really high.
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it's going to take a while to come down. it goes up as we go to the summer. chance of oil where it is, you will see it come down. every dollar oil can be 2.2 cents per gas. it will be in a couple of weeks. >> brian schactman, thanks so much. now here's lester. keeping a look at the mississippi river and the growing fears that memphis could be hit with severe historic flooding. jay gray is in memphis. he has the latest for us. jay, good morning. >> good morning to you, lester. to give you an idea of conditions, the mississippi river has poured over its banks and into the middle of beal street in downtown memphis and conditions even worse in some of the suburban neighborhoods where water has swallowed entire communities, many there forced to grab what they can and move to higher ground. already more than 300 people in shelters in the memphis area. and yesterday, emergency teams went door-to-door, warning more
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than 1,000 families that it was time to move out and get to safety. more than 3,000 homes are in the danger zone here. and the big concern right now is that we haven't seen the worst of it. lester, we expect the mississippi river to crest on wednesday. at a near record level of 48 feet. >> jay gray, thank you for your report. richard louie is at the newsdesk for more of the top stories. good morning to you. >> good morning to all of you. start in a series of troops and tanks moved in overnight in a coastal town there. this followed after anti-government protests. these clashes reportedly kill 30d people. activists saying the army moved today to the flash point town of the electricity and the phone lines are cut off there. incredible story of survival for you now, a canadian woman missing since march is found alive in the remote part of nevada. 56-year-old rita cretien was
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found near her van. she was last seen with her husband two months ago on the way to las vegas. more on the story later in the program. take a look at this attempted robbery at a drivethrough in chicago. a couple pulling up early sunday morning to a submarine, out of nowhere, three men jumped out the of the car and attacked the driver who was getting the food. the worker came to the rescue, reaching through the window, grabbing one of the attackers and pinning him to the wall. right now the couple and the fast food workers are being hailed as heroes. they chased the thieves across the street where police arrested him. three years after caylee anthony went missing, the jury selection begins on monday in the casey anthony murder trial. she's charged with first degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old toddler, kcaleigh. casey's parents can be in the
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courtroom despite the fact they're witnesses for the prosecution. yellowstone park tourists walked to the opening of old faithful that shoots out water. a web cam watcher saw this illegal act and called the park. the tourists were pulled back, none hurt, but several getting $125 tickets. the park spokesman saying one tourist is burnt every year. now back to lester, amy, and bill. crazy stuff out there sometimes. >> it really is hot. >> they want to touch to see if it's true. thank you. >> bill karins is here with the check of the forecast. >> it can't rain at the derby. >> it did two years ago. i remember that. everybody's got the pretty hats and the dresses. it is in the forecast. a little caveat. let me tell you about it. louisville is there. that's where the der pi will be taking place. a lot of showers and the thunderstorms upstream in st. louis and illinois. it will blow through today.
7:19 am
the earlier races for the derby itself, it's calling for a dry forecast. but it looks like we'll see rain showers and isolated thunderstorms early today. the race itself kicks off local time at 5:20. we'll be dry for the derby. >> good morning. a mix of sun and clouds. dry now, but rain to the west. we may have to deal with that toward the end of the day. the basic forecast during the day, though, is . that's your forecast, lester. bill, thanks. hope it doesn't rain in the derby. the first of may always means it
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kentucky derby from the gate to finish line. we've got it covered. jenna made the trip. she joins us live from churchill downs. good morning. >> good morning, lester. i'd love to tell you that our crew was the first out here. i'd be lying to you. not talking about the staff or the jockeys out here. i'm talking about the fans who have lined up in eager anticipation of tonight's big kentucky derby. they're expecting over 150,000 fans, actually, for the fastest two minutes in sports. it's a mile and a quarter around this track. start to finish, two minutes. it's a big two minutes. the first leg of the triple crown. the big story out here, bill was talking about, you were talking about it, it's the weather. last year, mother nature had a front row seat. the second wettest kentucky derby on record. this year, rain and scattered thunderstorms again. but let me tell you this, the last two days they called for rain, we didn't see any. we're hoping that trend continues. obviously the horses perform differently in dry weather and wet weather.
7:21 am
so everyone is sort of keeping an eye on that. hopefully meteorologists are wrong, sorry, bill. the big story is the outfits. one of the most interesting sights to see here. fancy outfits and hats if you're watching here at the derby or watching at home on your couch, i suggest you get all dressed up in your fancy duds and eye-catching wear, it's a sight to see out here. that's the story this morning. a nice chill, a crisp chill to everything. fans are out. it's -- we're getting readdy to get going. >> bill karins is preparing his rebuttal to your accusation. >> oh, you mean actual horse racing here? >> yeah. >> yeah. okay, so here's the thing. this is an interesting race this year. it's a wide open field. this could be anybody's race to win or lose. a couple of interesting notes -- a female jockey will be racing. she's the sixth female jockey
7:22 am
ever to race in the kentucky berbe debi. two female trainers will be involve in today's race. between all of the inside information i have and all of the inside i've gotten from the analy analysts, it's going to be dialed in, nero, midnight interlude, pants on fire. arch, arch, arch -- you see -- i'm just going to name all of the horses. >> reading the list. >> i have the same information that some of our colleagues do and i'll be joined by one of them, kenny rice, a little later on. for now, send it back to you. >> see you a little later in the broadcast. speaking out on "bowling," what stars are saying. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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sfil still to come on "today," the stunning news of a couple missing for a week in the wilderness. >> and exercise to keep your body in shape. but first, these messages.
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>> good morning.
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i'm jennifer franciotti. it is 7:25. the man con vickvicted for fatally -- convicted for fatally stabbing his wife outside a baltimore county courthouse will spend the rest of his life in prison. cleaven williams stabbed his wife who was pregnant, veronica williams, outside a courthouse after she got a protecttive order from him. >> bless found a body under the j.f.s. near union avenue yesterday morning -- police found a body under the j.f.s. near union avenue yesterday morning. the death is classified as suspicious. >> daniel sullivan charged in the shooting death of 32-year-old keenya jordan. she was begunned -- gunned down.
7:27 am
she was sullivan's former boyfriend and there was a history of his abusing her. >> what's really concerning is he played along the entire time. he came into homicide, asked about the investigation, tried to be sympathetic toward his first girlfriend's death, and ultimately he was responsible for it. >> court records show jordan had a protective order against sullivan who is now charged with sullivan who is now charged with first-degree murder. a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here through hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working
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to help set opportunity in motion. from supporting the university of maryland medical center... to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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>> we have sun this morning. clouds have parted for the time being. to the west, another disturbance with rains in illinois, moving into indiana, a couple showers in ohio headed this way. we have a rain chance developing later today. most of the day will be fine. right now, temperatures have cooled a bit. 48 degrees. that's the lowest at b.w.i. marshall. humidity up, barometer down. forecast today, a mix of clouds and fun. at the moment, favoring the sun. later on, clouds moving in. late afternoon, evening, we could see a shower develop like yesterday. 67-72 the high. you might hear a rumble of thunder, although it is a good chance and it might be a lot of rain. rain chances higher during the day. out in western maryland. most of the days are dry here. the highest rain chances are toward evening and throughout most of the state temperatures up near 70 for the high. all and all a good day.
7:30 am
>> it looks beautiful. thank you, john. thank you for joining us. we're back in 25 minutes with another update. we are back on this saturday morning, may 7, 2011. you're looking there at the racetrack at churchill downs in louisville, kentucky, it's the site of the 137th run for the roses. who will be the new stars of the racing world? find out soon. look at the enthusiastic crowd out on the plaza. head out and say hi to them in a bit. but first, inside studio 1-a, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. an interesting story. found alive. >> a canadian woman has been
7:31 am
found alive. on friday, hunters found her and her van in a remote road in northeast nevada. there's no sign of her husband, where is he? how will the search continue for him. more on the story and read his recovery coming up. >> and the new details in the search for holly bobo. more than three weeks than the young nursing student disappeared. police believe she was abducted from her home by a man in camouflage. police are stepping up their help. more on the holly bobo case in a moment. working out, paying the price. it's happening to a lot of boomers that won't slow down. the push to stay active is doing a number on the body, especially the knees. protecting yourself and remaining fit. we'll tell you as we kick off our new series on the subject starting with our aching knees. plus, do you remember this song from this hit tv show?
7:32 am
♪ listen to a story about a man named jed ♪ ♪ a poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed ♪ >> and elie is spilling the tale of a barbie doll that looks a lot about her and her character. what is she suing for? tell her about it coming up. >> you remember the show. >> yeah. >> she was a feisty tomboy. >> yeah. >> we'll find out more about that. but first, a check of the wechter wiwecht -- the weather with bill karins. >> they'd own beverly hills now. in wisconsin this, is the hat of choice, is it not? yes, it is. and how long have you had this hat. do you wear it for long. >> had it for a few years. >> they take these things. they wear them for years and years. even if it's april and may, doesn't matter. the weekend forecast. the mother's day forecast, of
7:33 am
course, let's get you there. the saturday, showers and storms. wet weather in the northern rockies. much of the country, the southern half of the nation is dry right through the mother's day. slight risk of storm there tomorrow. we don't expect severe weather orator nay doe outbreaks this weeke weekend. for most of your mother's day plans, h >> good morning. the sun is back this morning. sunshine and temperatures rising through the 50's. eventually during the day we will pick up more clouds. by the end of the day, n chilly too. temperatures in the 50s there. and if you want your hour-by-hour forecast, including
7:34 am
you guys, you can get that at back to you, lester, amy. coming up, pushing the limits the price boomers pay to stay fit. all he needs is love. paul mccartney's big new wedding plans. but first, these messages. i had this chronic, deep ache all over -- it was a mystery to me. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and with less pain, i can do more of what matters to me. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior or any swelling or affected breathing, or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness,
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weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. [ pneumatic wrench buzzing ] [ slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums - good night, honey. - and they could fix... - all better? - almost anything. - yes. - thank mom and save on select diamond fashion jewelry from kay, the number one jewelry store in america. - i love you guys.
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♪ [ male announcer ] doctors have been saying it forever. let's take a look. but they've never actually been able to do it like this. let's take a look. v-scan from ge healthcare. a pocket sized imaging device that will help change the way doctors see patients. that's better health for more people. this morning, the staggering rise of bullying in america. one out of four kids is tormented at school. may be surprised to see who has suffered from it.
7:37 am
richard lui joins us with more on this. good morning. >> thank you. bullying devastates so many people. and as you'll see here, the victims include some familiar faces from hollywood who are speaking out about the pain. ♪ crazy >> they are rich and famous, but these superstars have more in common than fame and fortune. they've all been victims of -- >> many creative people are highly sensitive and bullies tend to zero in on people who are sensitive and feel it and show it. >> for tom cruise, the pain came at an early age. the actor told "parade" magazine he had trouble reading and was smaller than his classmates who picked on him regularly. sandra bullock felt the abuse. the oscar winner confide in 2009 she too was bullied in school. bullock said, kids are mean, and the sad thing is i can remember the first and last names of every one of the kids that were mean to me.
7:38 am
christina aguilera, chris rock, and many more celebrities say they were victimized. emma watson dropped out of brown university because other students mocked her with lines from harry potter. bullying is an epidemic that few are immune to. >> you see the tragedies of bullying, bullying causes depression and anxiety. depression causes suicide. we have to take it seriously and do something truly proactive. >> the consequences can and have proved deadly. prosecutors say phoebe prince was driven to suicide after being bullied at school. and this week, several of her tormenters reached plea deals connected to the case including one of the so-called mean girls. >> i'm very sorry about the tragedy. >> more stars come forward to share their stories and support those who are vulnerable,
7:39 am
experts hope the new attention will help battle the rise of bullying throughout the country. >> i think it's wonderful that celebrities are coming forward and talking about having been bullied and how important it is to deal with it because, of course, those are the role models for our kids. >> how bad is bullying in the u.s.? consider this, one report says 160,000 kids missed school because of fears they will be picked on by classmates. amy? >> richard lui, thanks so much. now here's lester. ♪ these aches and pains thanks, this morning. the new series called "oh my aching" and the boomers are staying in shape and the price being paid for it. we start with our knees. for millions of americans, the pain is piling up. >> my son said, well, you try it, mom. since i started, i thought, this is the best thing ever. i've been climbing for about 12 years now. >> 57-year-old diane hitchcock is part of a growing number of
7:40 am
boomers not ready to slow down. >> baby-boomers are the first generation who psychologically have decided that we're not going to get older. >> but pushing the limits can lead to wear and tear on overused, overstressed knees. knees are one of the most common lawly injured joints, and according to the cdc, one in two adults are at risk at developing arthritis in their knee. >> it was constant pain if i was sitting, if i was moving, i could never find a comfortable position. >> for diane, it was debilitating. >> three years ago, i could barely climb two flights of stairs. >> diane developed arthritis of the knee and turned to a less invasive and longer lasting knee replacement surgery. >> not only have total joint replacements gotten a lot better but we have partial replacements offering patients that allows them to get back to a faster
7:41 am
type of recovery and remain more active. >> with her new knee, diane is able to hit the road. >> i have more energy, i can do the stuff that i used to do. i can climb the mountain again. my husband and i are going in september and i have no doubt that i will reach the summit. >> how can you stay active without reaching a serious injury? dr. michael parks an orthopedic surgeon for the hospital of special surgery. great to have you on. >> thank you, nice to be here. >> 11 million americans over the age of 45 will go to their doctor this year complaining of the knee pain. is that on the rise? are we seeing more of this? >> we've become a more active nation. so baby-boomer as you said don't want to be inactive and we demand more of our knees. that brings people in for knee pain. there are a lot of causes. we're a heavier nation, we're more active. that brings people to the doctor. >> we have to listen to our bodies, it could be sharp pain, stiffness. what should we be monitoring
7:42 am
ourselves for and when is it serious? oh. >> two different types of pain. if it's something from a weekend run and cleaning the yard and there's a colonic pain that's of a short term duration. we can treat on our own symptomatically. if it's chronic pain interfering with what we do from day-to-day or enduring pain, that's pain we should get checked out at the doctor. >> what if it's happening under the kneecap itself. >> that's common. typically as patients are active or the weekend warrior, they can have the knee pain that is caused under the kneecap. and usually that's self-limiting. >> you talked about exercises being one of the causes. i see people running the streets of new york on pavement. and that sort of thing. it's great they're out getting healthy. but does that in particular put a lot of wear on the knee? >> it does. in terms of exercise, particularly for boomers, running or high-impact activities such as basketball or football, you put several times your body weight, again, across your knee. you should think about cross
7:43 am
training or modifying your activities. activities such as bicycling or swimming or things that are not going to have that impact on the knees. also, the elliptical machine. those are good exercises for boomers. >> i know a lot of people who are getting knee replacement operations. some of them seem young. is it a more common procedure and is that a drastic step? >> knee replacements are evolved. it's for older people who are spiraling down overcome with pain and inactivity. nowadays we want the same results we have in younger patients. there are a variety of tints to interact. but knee replacement is more common place. >> there's got to be something between physical therapy and knee replacement. are there medications, injections, things you can do to relieve the pain? >> hospital for special surgery, we see a total gamut of knee pain. in terms of that, we have treatment that range from
7:44 am
symptomatic treatments like medications and physical therapy. you have more progress recesssive pain, surgical options as well. there's arthroscopy, or more limited surgeries. the patients that are severely limited at the end of their rope, we do total replacement. we have minimally invasive techniques to perform that. >> bummer getting old, suspect it? >> it is. up next. kentucky derby fever, a female jockey is going to make history. tell us about it after these jockey is going to make history. tell us about it after these messages.
7:45 am
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[ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! the kentucky derby is one of the oldest and most famous sporting events in u.s. history. and today marks the 137th run for the roses. with the race just hours away, who are the next stars to emerge from churchill downs? well, jenna joins us live from louisville with more. jenna, good morning. good morning to you. that's a brilliant question. you're not the only one asking it. front page of the journal courier says anybody's race. this is really a wide open field. joining me now is kenny rice, nbc sports racing analyst.
7:48 am
why do i throw that at you right now. why is it such a wide open field. >> in the last five, six years, everything's changed. no conventional wisdom getting a horse here. at one time, you had an idea of how to train up to the race. that changed when barbaro won the race in '06. i don't think a handicapper has a good feel for how these hours after five, six weeks off and a couple of races are doing and we could have the highest favorite ever going off of race time. >> one of the big names is uncle mo. he's scratched. why? oh. >> he's got an intestinal problem. he lost in the wood memorial and never got better. the decision was made that uncle mo wouldn't be here. if he stayed healthy, he looked by far the best of the 3-year-old crop of horses. since he's gone, it's opened up more. >> it is open. but any more names with uncle mo
7:49 am
out? >> dialed in is the favorite. he's a favorite 4 1/2 to one. he's a big closer, you know, the big charge down the stretch in the derby. arch, arch-around who won down the derby is one to look at. mucho macho man has a chance. >> he's got a good story. >> his connection has the inspirational story of all of them. kathy rigbo, his trainer. three years ago, she's watching from a hospital bed in florida desperately needing a heart transplant. she's healthy, she's here with the horse. three years after near death, she's running with a good horse in the derby. >> nice to get some of the heartwarming stories because the field is so open. we're not specifically looking at one or two horses. >> most people who watch the derby will watch one horse race, maybe two races all year. it's an iconic event. people will watch the derby that are not horse racing fans and
7:50 am
they get hooked on these stories. i love to tell them that's what got me hooked years ago. the story of the jockeys, the trainers, the horses that got in position. >> you know this area well. it's nice. we're talking about rain. we're not really sure. what do you think? >> it's a lot nicer than it was last year. i remember being on the today show last year. there were sheets of rain coming down. you couldn't see anyone coming down around you. supposed to be nice. this track dried out the best. it will take a lot of rain to make it a sloppy track by racetime. it would take a lot of rain. it looks good right now, clear skies. >> your words to everybody else here. kenny rice, thank you so much for joining us. thank you for your insight. >> that's it from here. back to you guys, amy? thank you so much. you can watch 137th running of the kentucky derby today starting at 4:00 p.m. here on nbc. we're back. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
still to come on "today ", where is she? the desperate new efforts to find holly bobo. "beverly hillbillies" star sues over a barbie doll. why but first these messages. i never did anything about it because i felt like okay this is not life threatening. maybe i just need to sip a certain way. or eat something a certain way. until i went to the dentist one day. the dentist gave me sensodyne toothpaste. once i tried sensodyne and kept using it i realized okay this really works. i have stopped using sensodyne in the past for like a week. and then i would notice slowly but surely that same sensitivity would start coming back. i said let me go back to using the sensodyne. this one is a keeper.
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7:55 am
but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. >> good morning, everyone, i'm
7:56 am
lisa robinson. it is 7:55. here's a look at our top stories this morning. after a 2 -year run coaching the teps gary williams stepped into retirement. -- after a 22-year run, coach gary williams is stepping into retirement. he said he is wanting something different. >> this is my decision. it is not a quick decision. it has been something i've thought about for a while. >> he won more than 400 games and led the team to the national championships in 2002. >> family and friends of missing north carolina teen phylicia barnes will join together to say a final good-bye. she was reported missing back in december while visiting family here in baltimore. the funeral is set for next saturday at mount pleasant church in baltimore. >> a man convicted for fatally stabbing his pregnant wife outside a baltimore county court
7:57 am
house will spend the rest of his life in prison. cleaven williams jr. was convicted for stabbing his wife veronica williams several times. she was killed after being granted a protective order against him. yesterday he was given life for killing her. >> a woman's body pulled from the james falls. near clipper mill and union avenue. at this time officials do not suspect foul play but have
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> this morning we've broken into sunshine after some overnight and late afternoon showers yesterday. so we're going to take a break and have some nice weather for several hours. but toward the end of the afternoon into the evening hours, this next weather system to the west will be moving in. it looks like most of it will be down in virginia, but it will be close enough we will include a chance for rain. let's look at the specifics of the forecast. a mix of clouds and sun. more of the sun part. some clouds will be drifting back in. shower chances go up again. 67 to 72 the high. so similar to yesterday. not as breezy, though. west winds at 10 miles per hour. now, we check up on mother's depay. we still have a chance of rain with departing rain overnight.
8:00 am
most of the day looks like partly cloudy conditions, highs of 71, and maybe an afternoon shower. sorry, mom, but that's reality. >> thanks john. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here in 25 minutes with another update. a. welcome back, everybody. saturday, may 11. a big day here in new york city. a big, big crowd enjoying it with us. we invite you to drop by. amy robach. we have incredible story this morning of a woman who was lost forever, perhaps. a couple driving from canada to las vegas and vanished in oregon back in march. this morning, we learned that the wife has been found. and she is telling a harrowing story of survival in the wilderness. we're going to have much more on this story. but the big question is, where
8:01 am
is her husband? >> the search will continue. switch gears and talk about big news for sir paul mccartney. he's engaged again. the announcement made yesterday for the legendary beatle. will the third time be the charm? more on his plans to marry coming up. >> we remember the beverly hillbillies. the actress who played elie may clampit is talking about the barbie doll. they're making a fortune but we're going to tell you why it's happening. >> richard lui is standing by the newsdesk. good morning. good morning, lester, amy, good morning to all of you once again. later today, we learn more details on the raid of osama bin laden's compound that killed him. stephanie goss live in islamabad with more. good morning, stephanie. good morning, richard. yeah. that meeting is supposed to happen at noon today. we're supposed to hear about the
8:02 am
intelligence behind the raid. but already u.s. officials are telling nbc news that it's going to take weeks to go through the intelligence they gathered at that compound. there's a mountain of it. it's multiple languages. and much of it is encrypted. they have learned the interesting details about what life was like for bin laden there. one official said it seems like he woke up every morning trying to hatch up a new way, a new plan, to attack the u.s. and also, they say, contrary to reports, that he wasn't involve in al qaeda's operations but he was heavily engaged with al qaeda. hearing reports out of islamabad that his youngest wife detained by pakistani officials has told him that bin laden lived here in the last seven years, the first two of the years in the town south of abbottabad closer to the capital here in islamabad. now to memphis, tennessee where people living near the mighty mississippi keeping a close eye on it as the river can
8:03 am
crest at record levels. jay gray live in memphis for us. good morning, jay. >> good morning, richard. the mississippi poured over the banks and into the middle of biehl street here. you know how it's supposed to work. it's a couple of blocks that way. the river back that way. the mississippi not playing by those rules. conditions worsen in suburban neighborhoods where an entire community have been swallowed by flood waters. more than 300 people in area shelters yesterday. emergency officials warned that thousands more learn they node to move to higher ground and the big concern is it's going to get worse. the crest not expected in thursday, the record 48 feet, richard. thank you so much for that report. good news for the jobs front. the overall economy adding 244,000 jobs last month. a bright spot was private employers who added the most people to their payrolls in five years. but despite that, unemployment rose from 8.8% to 9% because of several factors, including more
8:04 am
people rejoining the job market and starting to look for work again. finally, rescue workers are treating several pilot whales stranded off of the florida keys. eight of the whales in a temporary sea pin where one deteriorating whale had to be euthanized. the others are in stable condition. 13 other whale have died recently. now with the news, back to amy on the plaza. >> richard lui. thank you so much. it's a beautiful day, bill. >> absolutely gorgeous. >> going to be nicer, right? >> some areas, we told you that were so miserable in the by agathe beginning of the spring. happy birthday to you. great smile. over here, another birthday. this is one of the age-defying birthdays. here we are. >> hi. >> 50. >> graffitied your sign. you look 50. you're looking 40. >> happy birthday to you. >> talk about your weekend
8:05 am
forecast. a lot of locations, southern half of the country, gorgeous. we have showers to deal with. mother's day. rain today, that's going to be in areas of kentucky near louisville, unfortunately. that's going to head to the mid atlantic for showers on mother's day. nice in the southern half of the nation. a little bit of rainfall in the northern rockies and the plains. hit and miss >> good morning. a mix of sun and clouds. dry now, but rain to the west. we may have to deal with that toward the end of the day. the basic forecast during the day, though, is seattle. 55 in seattle. face a chance of showers today and tomorrow. that's the weekend forecast,
8:06 am
lester? bill, thanks. now to the astonishing news out of nevada where a woman vanished with her husband nearly two months ago has been found alive. it was a road trip that led to dead ends and desperations. albert and rita cretien left for a trip for las vegas. the couple simply disappeared. security video on march 19 shows them buying food at an oregon store. it was one of the last times they were seen alive. the families pleaded for help, authorities on both sides of the border carried out extensive searches combing the snow bound forests of oregon. loved ones never gave up. this morning, their prayers were answered. incredibly, rita was found alive in a remote area of nevada where the couple's van had apparently gotten stuck in the mud. the 56-year-old said she ate snow to survive.
8:07 am
chretien told investigators of a tragic tale of her husband looking for help weeks ago. the children called it a miracle. a son telling the local newspaper he was stunned to hear the news. we haven't fully digested it, he said, now, officials who had all but given up on the couple will head out again, searching for the one who is still missing. mrs. chretien was flown by helicopter to a medical center in idaho. the hospital told nbc news that she was listed in fair condition. and a canadian official said she had lost 20 to 30 pounds during her ordeal. now here's amy. lester, thank you. as officials searched for rita chretien's husband in nevada, authorities in kentucky continue to investigate the abduction of holly bobo who was kidnapped from her home on april 13. we have the late ems. taken from outside of her home and into the woods, holly bobo is still missing more than
8:08 am
three weeks later. the community near the home in tennessee continues to hold vigils, hoping that some way, some how, the 20-year-old nursing student is still alive. >> i love you so much. >> holly's devastated parents made an emotional plea one day after she was kidnapped by a man wearing camouflage. but they stayed out of sight every since. they released a statement this week saying in part, we know everyone's daily life, routines, and work must go on, but ours never will until holly is back with us. the massive search which once included hundreds of volunteers down to a handful of agents from the tennessee bureau of investigation. an $80,000 reward is being offered for information that can lead to an arrest. authorities have pursued more than 800 leads in this case. but most have been closed out. despite having found several of holly's belongings and blood near the scene of the abduction,
8:09 am
the investigators have no suspect at this time. >> he's a resident of this community and this is a very tight-knitted community where people know each other. >> any abduction case, time is an enemy. in the ongoing search for holly, many are praying time will be on her side. for today, nbc news. and joining us this morning with more insight is criminologist casey jordan. good morning. >> good morning, amy. >> heard one of the investigators there say they believe this person is a member of the community, perhaps a resident. at least familiar with the area. does that make sense? >> sure. ist's such a remote area and their home is at the end of the road in the middle of the woods. no one would just happen upon there and see this 20-year-old girl getting into her car and kidnap her. the idea is, of course, this person came out of the woods because reports are, from her brother, that the abductor was wearing camouflage. >> let's talk about the brother's statements. initial he we were told he said he saw someone in camouflage
8:10 am
dragging his sister into the woods. now the words have been softened and they're saying he just said he saw her being forced into the woods. why is that significant? >> the police came and checked it out and he said drag -- they looked for drag marks. then the story got changed to "led away." he called 911 after there was a small amount of blood found at the carport. >> not when he saw her being forced or dragged. >> the fact we've never seen her brother, clint, 25 years old, talk to the media and tell the media and the public what he saw himself is a little bit strange. we trust that the police are reporting it correctly. but it's a little bit unusual that his story shifted as the police continued their investigation. >> now, if the abductor is local as police believe, how do you flush someone out of this small community. it's a community where apparently everyone knows one another. >> they have said from the begin egg, the tennessee bureau of
8:11 am
investigation said you want to look for somebody who sold their car, cleaned their car, missed work that day. acting strangely, drinking a lot. all of that fits. we know about abductors and we would find in criminal research. after a few days, we didn't hear anything more. we heard her lunchbox was found in the woods eight miles away. then there's all of this conflicting information about other evidence they thought they found and took it back. and really in the last three weeks we haven't heard anything. 2,000 people searching in the woods. now everything is being scaled back. >> in speaking to that, police are being tight lip in this case. a lot of times we do get information coming out. so we have an idea of where the case is. we haven't heard anything that unusual. is that a smart strategy by police? is it a strategy? >> it's unusual. because the way you keep the public interested in looking and surgerying is to let them know what's going on with the investigation. and the whole phrasing of the family's latest statement of thanking people and as time goes home, we lose hope.
8:12 am
absolutely no one has been cleared. not the brother, the family, are no suspects that nobody is out of the suspect pool yet. this is unusual. we need to find holly bobo. we need to keep searching. >> is there anything based on what you've seen or heard that would lead you to believe that she's being held captive? that she could be alive? >> nothing i heard or seen. but never give up hope. you think of elizabeth smart, shasta groene, dugard. you hear of them being found weeks or years -- hope she would never be abandoned. >> back after these messages. [ female announcer ] mother's day is not for celebrating moms. it's for celebrating all they've given us. really?! [ female announcer ] the tough love... okay, don't do that on your test. [ female announcer ] ...invaluable guidance... [ mom ] go, turn, turn, turn! [ female announcer ] ...and a lifelong friendship. do it again. [ chuckles ] ♪
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careful, don't let it slip. see how many treats leslie can guess in one minute. ok, speaking bra strap will not stop slipping! maybe try a hanes bra? they fit great. yeah? yeah. hanes comfort flex fit bras. totally fab fit. sings of silly love songs but sir paul mccartney takes things seriously. the legend has announced he and his girlfriend are amazed. we have more good news from mccartney. good morning. >> good morning, lester. this is one of the newspapers here. macca -- that's mccartney, to wed for a third time. he says he told friends that he couldn't be happier and after his last troubled relationship, they think it's going to be all right. >> reporter: friends describe them as the perfect couple. and with paul mccartney appeared at a swanky new york gala last
8:16 am
week, he had asked her to marry him. the former beatles' girlfriend of four years will be the third wife. they met at the exclusive hamptons where they both own houses. the british newspapers this morning splashing the news across the front pages. declaring once again that he needs somebody, that this is not just anybody. nancy gets on well with mccartney's children. last year they showed up for one of stella's fashion shows. >> amazing. >> and she's a new york businesswoman with her own fortune. today, his fans are wishing him well. >> i wish paul mccartney and his new wife a lot of luck. and this time, he picked one with her own money. >> paul mccartney's first wife, the love of his life, linda, died of breast cancer in 1998. they had been together for almost 30 years. that hugely successful marriage was followed by one that hardly
8:17 am
could have been less so. a year after he lost linda he found love with former model heather mills. it all ended publicly. countless, extraordinary headlines spoke of a couple at war. with the divorce in 2008, mills was awarded a $50 million settlement. mccartney's latest engagement is an all together different woman. she is 51. he's 68. well past the age that still wonders, will you send me a valentine. paul said i just like being in love. it is, after all, all he needs. it's not clear when or where it is, but nancy said, yes, immediately. and while he's said to be worth more than $300 million. her wealth is valued at almost $200 million. they might sign a prenup. but the pair are said to be married as soon as possible. a beverly hillbillies star
8:18 am
takis aim at a barbie doll. but this is "today" on nbc. ♪ up through the ground comes bubbling crude ♪
8:19 am
8:20 am
she became famous on the '70s tv show, "the beverly hillbillies." now elie may clampett's actress is suing over a barbie doll. ♪ listen to my story about a man named jed ♪ >> this is actually a story about jed's daughter, elie mae. >> starting to get hot under the color. >> played by donna douglas. >> i want you to have her as your very own. >> reporter: the toy maker, mattel, last year brought out an elie mae doll as part of a tv nostalgia collection. it's packaged with a photo of douglas on the side.
8:21 am
douglas is suing saying mattel never asked for permission. >> our lawsuit says she has the right to control the use of that portrayal and she ought to be paid for it. >> reporter: mattel declined our request, instead saying mattel licensed the rights to beverly hillbillies for this product through the appropriate channels. >> seems to me if you're going to create a product that trades on someone's portrayal of a character that you should have a conversation with that actor. >>. >> reporter: the doll sells for $35. the lawsuit said mattel should compensate douglas or take it off of store shelves. >> be able to look down his back without turning his head. >> reporter: you'll remember from the tv show that jed clampett made his millions when -- ♪ from the ground came a bubbling crude oil that is ♪ >> now the woman playing elie may says it's crude for mattel
8:22 am
to profit off of her image without paying -- money, that is. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. and from the clampetts to the cunninghams, several "happy days" cast members are suing for property rights as well saying others are profiting by using their names and likenesses. >> a lot of the shows in the '60s and the '70s. their shows air now. they're not getting paid for it. there's a sense of, hey, where's ours. exactly. down the stretch they come. jenna wolfe is live in louisville. >> making the most of mother's day. great gift ideas, last minute, indeed. but first, these messages. ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road?
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>> good morning. i'm lisa robinson. it's 8:25. here are some of our top stories. daniel sullivan charged in the shooting death of 32-year-old keenya jordan. she was gunned down by sullivan. sullivan was jordan's former boyfriend. there was a history of his abusing her. >> what's really concerning is he played along the entire time. he came to homicide, asked about the investigation, tried to be sympathetic toward his first girlfriend's death, and ultimately he was the one responsible for it. >> court records show that jordan had a protect jiff order against jordan who has now been charged with first-degree murder. >> the state medical examiner's office is working to identify the woman whose body was found near james falls. at this time officials do not suspect foul play but have classified the death as
8:27 am
suspicious. >> the man convicted for fatally stabbing his pregnant wife will spend the rest of his life in prison. 35-year-old cleaven williams junior was convicted for stabbing his wife, 28-year-old veronica williams seven times. she was in court getting a protective order against williams, and he stap stabbed
8:28 am
>> last night's showers have moved out of the picture now. they are out over the ocean. there are clouds broken up a
8:29 am
little. >> we aren't done with rain chances yet. it looks like a lot of what's here is going to pass from west virginia and virginia. we have to include a chance of rain for later in the day. we'll have more clouds as the system gets closer. in the evening hours and overnight we could see rainshower activity, perhaps a rumble of thunder. today won't be as breezy as it was yesterday. a lingering shower early in the morning. something could pop up in the afternoon. it looks like most of mother's day will be all right many looks -- right.


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